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All The Horrible Crops

Lovecraft Summarized -- A short summary of each of H. P. Lovecraft's stories

There's Goofs in Them Thar Hills -- A GDC 2018 talk about West of Loathing's approach to comedy

West of Loathing Post-Mortem -- A GDC 2018 talk about the tools and processes used to create West of Loathing

ENTER The World Of Computers -- Scans of the computer sections of 321 Contact magazine

West of Loathing Fantastic Arcade talk -- A casual talk from Fantastic Arcade 2016 about the tools we used to make West of Loathing

Super Mega Comics guest comic -- A guest comic I made for a collection of Super Mega Comics

Whiskey Tasting Notes -- Some information about some whiskeys

PARSERPENT -- A prototype of a Snake/Scrabble hybrid video game

First draft of SOL's prologue -- The initial whiteboard sketch of the prologue of Shadows Over Loathing

ZapCon 2019 Escape Room -- A pop-up escape room I ran at ZapCon 2019 in Mesa, AZ

Ghost Wizard -- My entry in the 2019 7-Day Roguelike event

Two Words (Pen & Paper) -- My entry in the 2016 200 Word RPG Challenge

West of Loathing Design Doc -- The original design doc I made for the West of Loathing team

West of Loathing video interview -- An interview Kevin and I did with Nintendofuse after West of Loathing was released on the Switch

The Encroaching Gloom -- A roguelike I made in QuickBASIC in 7 1 hour sprints

Kingdom of Rogueing -- My entry in the 2020 7-Day Roguelike competition

RAT13 -- A puzzle hunt written in the Bitsy engine

Beyond the Madlib (but just barely) -- A talk I gave at the first Roguelike Celebration in 2016, about the use of procedurally-generated text in Kingdom of Loathing

Magicstormer -- A brainstorming aid I made using Scryfall's API to display random Magic: The Gathering cards

Nebula Jalopy -- A simple arcade dodge-em-up with a self-reconfiguring spaceship

Hangmagus -- Hangmagus, a hangman game with a wizard protagonist

DECURSOR -- An abstract puzzle game

Spirit Witch -- A moody, low-resolution action exploration game

Spider Dungeon Spider -- A game in which you play as a spider playing a game on a Gameboy

Just Ice, Exclaimed the Sorcerer -- A quick clicker / resource management game

Extremely Online -- A real-time CLI-based hacking game

Haywire Island -- A resort-building game with a procgen soundtrack

Spooky Mountain -- A narrative adventure game

Cy Gerber, Cyber Burglar -- A game in which Cy hacks the mainframe

Billy Basement -- An underground adventure game

OREAKBUT -- A quick joke of a game

Two Words -- A text-only narrative roguelike video game

The Worm Has Turned -- A silly one-button snake game

Script Kiddie -- A game where you're a hacker but you don't really know what you're doing

FOX99 -- A very slight three-hour prototype game

Word Factory -- A simple game about working with words

Disadventure -- A melancholy inverted RPG

Pogue Thacker, Rogue Hacker -- A cyber-rogue extravaganza, my entry in the 2021 7DRL competition

Dreadsylvania Design Doc -- The design doc for Dreadsylvania, a clan dungeon in Kingdom of Loathing

The Park -- Notes for a web MMO that never was, from the time just before Kingdom of Loathing was created

Krakrox the Barbarian -- A goofy Javascript game I made in 2001

Jungle Raoul -- A game I made in QuickBASIC in 1996

Jungle Raoul 2 -- The long-awaited 1998 sequel to Jungle Raoul

Cragne Manor -- A collaborative 2018 text adventure that I made a room for

Trivia Set: 1984-1993 -- A set of trivia questions. Each round has ten questions, one each from the years 1984 through 1993.

Trivia Set: Beans and Rice -- A round of bar trivia about beans and rice

Trivia Set: Beginnings -- A set of trivia questions about the beginnings of things.

Trivia Set: Bridges -- A round of bar trivia about bridges.

Trivia Set: Frankenstein -- A round of Halloween trivia about body parts.

Trivia Set: The Sky -- A round of trivia about the sky and things in the sky, such as birds.

Trivia Set: Threes -- A round of bar trivia with the theme "three."

Trivia Set: Vampires -- A round of bar trivia about vampires.

Escape from the Prison of the Tower of the Wizard -- A novel-length choose-your-own-adventure book I wrote in 2023.

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