From the guys who made The Kingdom of Loathing comes a new game, this time with graphics and sounds and music.
Word Realms takes place in an isolated valley being terrorized by a powerful sorcerer. Can you help the poor villagers with their plight?
Explore the world, meet interesting characters, and fight your way to Nightmare Castle.
To battle your foes you make words from letter tiles — combat is fun and challenging, not mindless clicking.
The game features dozens of different enemies, complete with lore for people who like that sort of thing.
There are hundreds of different items that can significantly impact gameplay, adding tons of depth and strategy to each fight. Gear and consumables are found, purchased, or crafted over the course of the game.
Collect the nightmares of those around you — each one is a different puzzle or minigame to be mastered.
Over a dozen NPCs inhabit the world. Meet them all and discover their secrets.
Once you complete the story arc, an "endless" mode opens up, allowing for unlimited and increasingly challenging play.

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